The Island of Tenerife is the largest Island of the Canaries (2034.38 Km2). It has also 886.033 inhabitants and a density of 435 inhabitants per Km2, which makes it the most populated Island of Spain.

In its territory there are two major cities of the Archipelago: Santa Cruz de Tenerife (221,956 h) and San Cristobal de la Laguna (148,375 h).


Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands for its climate and nature offers landscapes of great beauty and cantrast. Its proximity to Ecuador generate microclimates affect the flora, fauna and topography.


Tenerife combines tradition and modernity in all its cultural manifestatios. It preserves intact singular popular celebrations and has preserved the same way, their craft, both as in openwork basketry, pottery, knives and others.


Tenerife is part of the Macaronesia, one of the most important natural regions of the world´s flora and fauna. Excel, for its size and importance, the Teide National Park, the most visited in Spain and one of the most exotic and amazing places in Europe.

Temperature min. 15 º - max. 24 º
Language Spanish
Measurements Decimal metric system
Local time GMT.
Currency Euro €

  Tenerife Culture

Canarian wrestling, the game of stick or jump pastor. The Guachinches, contemporary art, sculptures and buildings like the Auditorio from Tenerife or the International Trade Fair and Congress.

  Tenerife Events

Carnival in Santa Cruz is an apotheosis of people dressed in the street. The range of events on the Island is vast and varied. Visit our calendar and choose yourself.

  Tenerife Maps

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