La Palma

The Island

The Island of La Palma is the most northwest of the Canary Archipielago. It has an area of 708 Km2 and a population of 80.000 inhabitants.

Reaches an altitude of 2426 m. at the Roque de los Muchachos, where is the International Astrophysical Observatory. Its Capital is Santa Cruz de La Palma.


The Island of La Palma, also knowing as La Isla Bonita, retains an exceptional nature where you can find antique beds crossed by large cliffs and lush vegetation.


The creative spirit of La Palma society carries a way of life linked to the arts and knowledge.


Taburiente boiler, Forest Canal and Tiles, the Barranco del Agua, the springs of Marcos y Corderos, lush forests of laurel and more you have to discover.

Temperature min. 15 º - max. 24 º
Language Spanish
Measurements Decimal metric system
Local time GMT.
Currency Euro €

  La Palma Culture

The Craft is one of many hidden treasures that encloses in La Palma. Silk, ceramics, embroidery, snuff, wood or basketry.

  La Palma Events

La Palma offers all kinds of cultural events to the delight of tourists and locals.

  La Palma Maps

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