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Using Google maps show you where the best beaches, places to any emergency or to have all the information on the people of Tenerife.

Map of beaches in the Canary Island

Discover all the beaches in the Canary Islans, from the most famous to the most hidden, golden sand beaches, black sand, pebble beaches, nudist beaches. In the Canary Island you will find a wide variety of beaches for your relaxation and your fun.

Map of the Canary Islands Emergency

To know where and to contact in case of any emergency in the Canary Islands. Hospitals, Police, Tourist Information Offices and all you need to know about the Canary Islands.

Map of the peoples of the Canary Islands

Discover all the important towns in the Canary Islands, from the Villages of Fishermen who live near the sea, to the highest mountain Villages. A complete virtual tour of the Islands.

Tenerife Maps

Here you will find yourself the most important beaches of the island, wherever you go in case of emergency and the map of the peoples of the Island.

Gran Canaria Maps

Gran Canaria has a wealth of natural resources, which protrude numerous beaches of great beauty for everyone.

Lanzarote Maps

In the 169 kilometers of coastline which is Lanzarote, you'll find a variety of fine white sand.

Fuerteventura Maps

Maps, street, attractions, beaches and everything you need to know about Fuerteventura.

La Palma Maps

All maps of La Palma, with information and pictures of beaches, harbors, cliffs, ravines.

La Gomera Maps

Road map of La Gomera, maps, accommodations, hotels, hostels and everything else.

El Hierro Maps

278 square miles offer a great diversity of landscapes. Log in and find out.