Gran Canaria

The Island

Gran Canaria, the Canary Island archipielago round. Along with Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and the Archipielago Chinijo ( La Graciosa, Alegranza, Monyaña Clara, Roque del Este, Roque del Oeste and Lobos Island ) are the province of Las Palmas.

The capital of the island is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and with its 381,123, is the most populous city of the Archipelago Canario. Also is the Capital of Eastern Province and the Autonomous Community in conjunction with Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Gran Canaria is an Island that impreses with its diversity of landscapes. Arid dunes with dense forests, dramatic cliffs or near endless golden beaches. Full of colors and shapes, Gran Canaria us with its view and its joy.


Gran Canaria is synonymous with miscegenation. A feature inherited from its historial crossroads for travelers and a society that is open to all that come from outside.


Besides beaches, walks through great scenic beauty, adventure sports, hundreds of endemic species and unique in the world, 43% of its territory is protected.

Temperature min. 15 º - max. 24 º
Language Spanish
Measurements Decimal metric system
Local time GMT.
Currency Euro €

  Gran Canaria Culture

The passage of history has made the island an extremely valuable archaeological heritage, artistic, architectural and ethnographic.

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Gran Canaria offers meeting planners, trade shows and travel, the ideal so they can more easily achieve a positive response from assistance in their events.

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