La Gomera

The Island

La Gomera with 370 km2, is the third least populated island of the archipelago. Although best known for the "Isla Colombina" because it was the last area to touch before Christopher Columbus reached America on his voyage of discovery in 1492.


The landscape of La Gomera surprising in its contrast and variety. Few places in the world have the natural wealth of this island of volcanic origin and a circle, highlighted by its unique prehistoric character.


The inhabitants of La Gomera love their wine and local wine queso.El normally taken with a lid of cheese from La Gomera, with grilled pork or meatballs. Whistling is a totally unique way to communicate on these islands. 


The gum landscape surprises with its contrast and variety, stunning gorges, mighty Iroquois, beautiful palm trees and Garajonay National Park, with crystal clear streams and lush plant species laurel forests.

Temperature min. 15 º - max. 24 º
Language Spanish
Measurements Decimal metric system
Local time GMT.
Currency Euro €

  La Gomera Culture

La Gomera is very small Island but has its own culture very important. The wistle Gomero served and serves to communicate in the Valleys of the Island.

  La Gomera Events

La Gomera offers several cultural events, highlighting the musical events, but may be different artistic disciplines.

  La Gomera Maps

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