El Hierro

The Island

El Hierro Island is the most little of the Canary Islands, unemployment keeps within its corners, multiple discover treasures you'll love.


Green Canary pine trees and landscapes laurisilva dizzy cliffs, secluded beaches, lava cordate alfonbras variety of fields and crops.


Its people quiet and hospitable nature and the richness of its gastronomy based on craftsmanship and born of the earth itself, will captivate you.


Sabina's impressive and legendary tree Garoé trap you forever.

Temperature min. 15 º - max. 24 º
Language Spanish
Measurements Decimal metric system
Local time GMT.
Currency Euro €

  El Hierro Culture

El Hierro culture through crafts, folklore, gastronomy, partys, whistle and indigenous sports

  El Hierro Events

The lowering of the Virgen de los Reyes, which occurs every 4 years and the International Open FotoSub are the most important events.

  El Hierro Maps

Check our maps, drop at each site and make the most of good planning of visits.