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The traditions, gastronomy, folklore and rituals are some of the greatest riches of the Canary Islands.


Canarian cooking can be considered the most original and cosmopolitan of Spain. A mixture of food from mainland Spain with African and South American cuisine.


Canarian folklore has a richness and variety in its singing and dancing. Canarian folk music is borne of the many different cultures that arrived on the island throughout its history.


The Canary Islands, known as the Happy Islands, offer a 
great diversity of landscapes and cultural offerings that will not leave you indifferent.

Tenerife Culture

Discover monuments, history, cuisine, handicrafts and more - Tenerife will not leave you indifferent.

Gran Canaria Culture

Cullturally speaking, Gran Canaria is synonymous with miscegenation - the mixture of races. This is because it's a historical crossroads for travelers with a society that welcomes to all that come from across the seas.

Lanzarote Culture

The architecture of low white houses, with rounded contours, has a strong African influence that gives the island a special touch - a mixture of styles creating feelings unique to the Island.

Fuerteventura Culture

Fuerteventura Island has an interesting and wide cultural offering through its museums, architecture.

La Palma Culture

The numerous archeological findings on the island of La Palma can be described as an exceptional cave drawing museum unparalleled throughout the archipelago.

La Gomera Culture

Gomeran whistling is a communication method unique to this island. This distinct form of whistling has allowed people to communicate over long distances in the valleys of the island for centuries.

El Hierro Culture

El Hierro is the only island that has conserved its original dwelling style; the tagoror. These round or elliptical buildings are surrounded by a stone wall and have only one entrance. An island rich in culture.